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      Leadmark Systems is a total Service and information Technology Company focused on providing solutions that will help manage organizations critical business information, through the construction of a better information system, faster communications network, and company product/services information awareness.

Leadmark Systems started its business in Lagos, Nigeria since January 2003. Its core business is to engage in sales, maintenance and services of PCs, Networking, v-sat installations and sales, cyber cafe set-up and maintenance etc. Although the company is still providing such services, a new era has invoked the company to engage in business online.
Due to the emergence of the Internet revolution, the company started to engage in Internet Marketing by the end of august, 2004. Statistics have shown that if your company is not involved on the Internet, it will eventually run out of business. The company now offers Software Development, Web Development, domain registration, web hosting, web design as well as other services related to Internet.

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Our Internet solutions are designed not only to meet our clients’ expectations, but to meet the expectations of our clients’ target audiences. To accomplish this we begin with a solid foundation of market research and known best practices - the points of origin for all our capabilities and procedures.
The company has other websites that focuses on Network Administration, Database Administration, Developing Application Programs and other topics related to Information Technology.
We hope that this Profile provides you with sufficient information to help you in building your business online, on-ground and able to provide you with adequate and up-to-date professional services with necessary support that you need


    We help companies build, maintain and strengthen customer relationships through actionable ideas and advanced technology.  

Our Philosophy.......
Our Seasoned I.T professionals deliver tangible business value to our clients while minimizing cost and implementing time frames. We make it our business to know your business. We listen, learn, recommend, design, install, develop and provide on-going support for each engagement.

Our Vision.......
We have a vision that is constant and unwavering. To be our clients’ best vendor in discharge and implementation of our first class service

Our Strength.......
Our people and technology are our strength in our promise of quality service delivery. We couple industry experienced end user advocates with high quality technical resources to implement practical solutions for reputable companies.
We use business driven methodologies to translate business requirements into proven IT solutions all materials and tools used for each engagement are sourced from finest quality in the industry. Our knowledgeable business unit provides solutions that capture latent knowledge within the organization to disseminate and enhance it

How far we have gone....
Our approach combines people, business processes and advanced technology in a comprehensive set of IT services. Leadmark Systems professionals bring the business focus, project management experience and knowledge expertise required to successfully deliver business-critical technology solutions.
Over the years we have added value to our clients businesses through our expertise and in-depth knowledge of IT solutions.


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