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Today is the age of Information technology. One has to be more informative to keep pace with this fast moving world. The Power of information technology is endless. If computer and communication technologies are combined, we can perform the most complex task in easiest and efficient way. One of such innovative approach is PC to mobile SMS which is designed with advanced and quick broadcasting technology so that you can get global network coverage means that the system works anywhere in the world.

Leadmark Systems offers Web based Bulk SMS solutions for end users as well as http API and SMPP Bulk SMS Gateway integration tools for Corporate users. Our solutions offer clients a choice between commercial or High Priority routes.


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Our highly proficient and dedicated client service personnel ever on hand to attend to your brief further, sets us apart from competition.

What we Offer..
    Leadmark Systems provides robust platform to send bulk messages to mobile numbers all over the world at a bare minimum price. Leadmark Systems provides easy interface to send messages to thousands of numbers at one go.

Professional bulk texting utility is a complete solution to send text messages in bulk to a group of selected people straight from your computer without typing same message again and again. Customized mass messaging tool helps you to broadcast multiple text messages at same time all around the world. It is an application tool that helps you to manage your marketing campaigns and send customized messages to your target groups. You only pay for the messages you need there are no additional charges.
We provide Bulk SMS gateway and Bulk SMS Gateway api for sending sms. Send SMS from internet from your computer or pc to mobile. Our bulk sms services are used by many corporate, stock brokers, financial institutes , others companies etc who needs instant delivery from our sms server.

Leadmark Systems also render the service of supplying you with reliable phone numbers of any of the Tele-Communication Companies in this country so you can reach out to the public easily. This can be in Thousands and in Millions as the case may be. Already in our database we have hundreds of thousands of phone numbers.

High quality of service delivery
Our service is affordable and reliable
Fast and efficient in service delivery
24 hours customer service both online and offline
Time consciousness and consistency in service delivery at all times
we send the messages ourselves at no extra cost

1. Boost/Promote your Company/Organizations professional image.
2. Saves money (As low as #2.00 per SMS to any network)
3. Has no network limitation
5. No limitations on the number of persons to be sent
6. Very fast service delivery (saves time)
7. No hidden fees


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